America Needs the ACP

Nelson County Times – Letter to the Editor – September 17, 2015 A letter published several weeks ago was so filled with unsupported claims that I feel it necessary to comment. What irreversible environmental damage will be done constructing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline? Our society has been installing major pipelines for more than a century … More America Needs the ACP

A Necessary Evil

Nelson County Times – Letter to the Editor – September 9, 2015 Lake Mead, near Las Vegas, has supplied drinking water to tens of millions for decades. The Hoover Dam that created Lake Mead supplies electricity to even more millions. Like all infrastructure projects, not everyone supported the idea when it was proposed. Although the … More A Necessary Evil

A Needed Economic Boost

Nelson County Times – Letter to the Editor for August 13, 2015 I wanted to take the opportunity to express my support for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. This topic is especially important for residents of Nelson County, as the construction will pass through 27 miles of your community. A point that is often omitted … More A Needed Economic Boost