County Should Welcome Pipeline

Nelson County Times – Letter to the Editor – September 17, 2015

For the last several months, I’ve read in this paper the concerns over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and potential environmental impacts on the Wintergreen community and Nelson County as a whole. There is still nothing I have read that has changed my opinion on this project.

The opponents continued to share that the land in Nelson is uniquely unqualified for this type of pipeline. The route of the proposed pipeline may be within sensitive area, however many pipelines already exist over similar Appalachian terrain. The technology and years of expertise dealing with this type of terrain will provide a safe and productive pipeline to transport natural gas.

To many in our community, the reduction of greenhouse gasses is key to maintaining our region’s beauty. Please consider the reduced level of greenhouse gasses that are produced by the burning of natural gas. Homes powered by natural gas produce 50 percent less carbon emissions than homes powered by coal-generated energy. Nelson can play a major part in cleaner air throughout the East Coast, which benefits all Virginians and the residents of Nelson County.

There is no argument that the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be noticeable in our community in the short-term.

But if you look at other areas with similar projects, the economies flourished during and after those times. After the short sacrifice, when the project is finished, the small time period we are adversely impacted can positively impact three states, thousands of families and business through safely transporting affordable energy through our county. In addition, the environmental effects compared to coal are remarkably improved, our county will get revenue for our schools and police departments and our economy can continue to grow, lessening the tax burden on those with fixed incomes like myself.

Nelson County, let’s welcome this project for the future of our county and Virginia.