America Needs the ACP

Nelson County Times – Letter to the Editor – September 17, 2015

A letter published several weeks ago was so filled with unsupported claims that I feel it necessary to comment. What irreversible environmental damage will be done constructing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline? Our society has been installing major pipelines for more than a century that have resulted in tremendous improvements to the standards of living for mankind. Water and sewer mains have eradicated many of the diseases that formerly plagued mankind. Petroleum lines have heated and powered homes far more cleanly than wood and coal fires of a century ago.

No facts are provided regarding how the ACP will endanger the water supply of millions. Has this person ever been in a water treatment facility? As for the reference to ruined dreams, I will quote Franklin D. Roosevelt: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Lastly, I address the claim of corporate greed. A quick check of the Dominion website reveals that its stock is 60 percent institutionally owned. Therefore, society reaps the benefits of profits earned from the ACP through the works and actions of these institutions like retirement accounts and charitable donations. The most important benefit is clean American energy to serve present and future generations of Americans.