A Needed Economic Boost

Nelson County Times – Letter to the Editor for August 13, 2015

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my support for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. This topic is especially important for residents of Nelson County, as the construction will pass through 27 miles of your community.

A point that is often omitted by the opponents of the pipeline is the economic benefits that will be brought to Nelson County and our state. The four energy companies that are managing the project will pay an expected $1.25 million each year in Nelson County property taxes. On a grander scale, the operations activity alone will bring approximately $37.8 million each year into Virginia and yield $10.4 million in state tax revenues.

These significant payments are only the tip of the economic iceberg. The pipeline will dramatically impact all of us as consumers, saving businesses and families $377 million in annual energy costs. This will enable businesses to reinvest their savings into growth. Across a three-state region, the project will support 17,240 jobs during its construction and 2,200 jobs once in operation. Having trouble funding your schools each year? This pipeline will go a long way towards solving that problem in local taxes alone!

As a small business owner, the economic benefits are remarkable. The ability to reinvest in our communities creates the possibility of a prosperous future. This is why I joined forces with hundreds of other businesses and industry groups to become part of EnergySure, a coalition that advocates for reliable and affordable energy for our future.

The tax revenues, savings and new jobs will undoubtedly boost both the Central Virginia area and our entire state’s economies, making the Atlantic Coast Pipeline a worthwhile and beneficial venture.