Pipeline is Needed

Nelson County Times – Letter to the Editor – April 2, 2015

I attend the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) meeting last month. I thought adults would attend a meeting peacefully yet during my remarks, I was interrupted by those who oppose the project. I respect the opinions of others, but it is unfortunate that some opponents were not respectful of me and my opinion.

Now the opposition is asking for more time to speak on this project. In my opinion, the public has had ample opportunities to comment, either by person or in writing. Just this week, I sent a letter to FERC with my support of the project; others can do the same. In addition, next year there will be more time to discuss this project, once FERC issues their opinion.

Our region desperately needs the new supplies of natural gas that the pipeline will provide. Extending the comment period, for no good reason, would simply delay the day that we can begin receiving the benefits the project will bring. Simply put, the interstate pipelines that now serve are not adequate. Proof is the winter of 2014, when constraints and bottlenecks caused the price of natural gas to soar during the “polar vortex.” The demand for gas keeps increasing, so I believe the risk for this type of disruption will grow in the future. The best way to correct that problem is to build new projects.

The proposed pipeline is needed to provide the gas we need to heat our homes, run our factories, and fuel our businesses. I have great confidence in FERC’s ability to evaluate the project and ask that our community remember we should all respect each other, even if we disagree.